Youtube iOS Vanced

Now available for download on iOS devices.

Download now for iOS (v2.5.1)

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YouTube Vanced is the stock iOS YouTube app, but better! Includes adblocking, true amoled dark mode and a lot more. It’s completely free to download too!


Vanced, but for Youtube Music! Don't pay for Youtube premium, use our Vanced Youtube iOS app and get ad free music with our app. Play music in the background without the video stopping!

Say No! to #AD

Vanced iOS has new API features to completely skip all sponsorship & #ad segments in videos (beta).



Main Features:

  • Features the option of NEWER dark mode to reduce strain on your eyes and your battery!
  • Will block all before and in roll ads on ANY youtube video or music video. Let's you use picture in picture feature too.
  • Fully Customized app: never show comments, stories, movies ANYTHING you don't want to see, it can be removed.


  • UI Ad removal, so never watch any ads again. News & Movie Shelf removed so more space on your homescreen!
  • Community Post removal, NEVER Show Stories on your homepage & also all comment removal if you need!
  • Force always 4k or 2k Video with Video speed playback enabled (doesn't work on original app)


  • Vanced iOS can automatically skip #ads & sponsorships in the video!
  • Using timestamps & the API we can skip all ads and promotions on any YouTube Video!